Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech Delay, and a new baby on the way, oh my!

So I’ve been MIA for many months from my personal blog.  Part of the reason is because my photography biz has really taken off, which I’m super happy about, but the other part is there’s been a LOT going on in my life/our lives.

I can’t list them in priority order, b/c they’re all […]

Fall is almost here? Where did summer go?

We had a fantastic summer.  I was so busy with the boys.  Last summer, it was difficult for me, having a new baby and a toddler, but this summer, we made the most of it!


We went on lots of playdates! Nicholas had gymnastics class at Bounce for 10 weeks! Christopher learned to […]

Busy July so far!

We’ve been having so much fun this summer!

Nicholas and Christopher LOVE to go on field trips with me looking for scavenger hunt items.  Nicholas is SUCH a great helper – check out what he does (holds up the sign for my pics):

Nick took the week off after 4th of July to […]

Happy Father’s Day!

To my wonderful hubby, Nick!  We all love you SO much!!

All About NBK ~ Catch Up post #1

I know, I know, I know.  It seems, from the looks of my posting frequency, that I’m a bad mom, but the truth is…I’m a BETTER mom for NOT posting as much.  Why?  Because it means that I’m outside with my boys, taking a walk, or running errands, or at a playground.

Anyway…some people […]

I Heart Faces | Faces & Flowers Photo Challenge

If you’ve been following my photography blog, you’ll know that I’ve entered a few challenges.  This week’s challenge at I Heart Faces ( is “Faces & Flowers”.  What better photo to enter than one from our trip to Holland’s Annual Tulip Time Festival?  I love this photo because it shows Nicholas how he […]

My Mother’s Day Gift 2010

This is from Nick, the boys, and my girls.  The locket has the girls’ names and “Carry you in my heart” and then each boy has a tag with his name.  Birthstones for all.

Our trip to Holland (MI, that is!) Annual Tulip Time Festival

Today, we all piled into the van (Nick took the day off) and we went to Holland, MI for the Tulip Time Festival.  Nicholas was EXTREMELY excited as he adores flowers.  He kept talking about “I need to go see the tulips.”  It was very cute, how excited he was!

Anyway, when we first […]

Our Beautiful Boys!

I have only one day left to get my blog up to date…looks like I may have to extend my personal deadline!

Here are two new pictures, taken today, of the boys.  I’ll be sure to write an update soon.

A trip to the Toledo Zoo!

Well, I promised updates, as well as photos, so…here’s the first, though unfortunately, it’s out of order!

Last Tuesday, I met up with my friend Michelle, and her daughter, Caitlyn (who shares a birthday with Nicholas) at the Toledo Zoo.     She lives in Cleveland and drove ALL the way to Toledo to […]