Time flies and other sayings

There’s been so many things happening in our lives…it’s actually pretty amazing to think about all that’s happening!

It feels like yesterday that CJK started preschool, and yesterday was his last official day of class. He was a bit sad about it, compounded with the awful carpet that did a number on his knee […]

*Stepping on my soapbox* Warning – may be TMI for some!

K, stepping onto my soapbox for a minute.

This post will talk about breastfeeding. If you don’t like to hear about that…stop reading now.

Breastfeeding is a commitment. In the first few weeks, it’s very difficult on the mom, sometimes the baby, and you may have to avoid certain foods (like me – no […]

Six months old.

So as I sit here, I am dumbfounded.  How in the world is AGK six months old?  Half a year has passed since we met him after 31 glorious hours of labor?  Sometimes, it seems like it’s been that long, especially a day like today, where I was up 3x from 12midnight to 7am, […]

Life with boys. And ASD. And being a WAHM.

So…I said I’d be updating my blog – and I’ve obviously NOT gotten around to that.  It’s almost March and it’s only my second post of the year.  I think I know why.

I have three boys under 4.

I am running a successful photography biz.

I am feeding another human being.

I have […]

Andrew Grant has arrived!

On Wednesday, September 21st at 3:05am, I woke up to a contraction, but it wasn’t the normal ‘wake me up’ contractions I’d been feeling for weeks.  This was different.  I waited a few minutes to see if another came…and it did.  And another.  At a regular 4-5 minute intervals…this could be it!

My sister […]

And I’ve now reached ‘normalcy’…for a high-risk pregnancy

I’m 29w2d pregnant today, and this pregnancy has DEFINITELY taken its toll on me, physically and emotionally.  Maybe that ‘Advanced Maternal Age’ on my file isn’t all bad.

Having 90F+ temps and high humidity makes people a bit grouchy.  And if you’re pregnant, in this weather…then you’re probably grouchier than Walter Matthau in “Grumpy […]

One more day…reminder for busy moms

I’ve had this posted on my blog for the last couple of years, and today it really hit home.

*This morning, I am going to step over the laundry, and pick you up and take you to the park to play.

*I will leave the dishes in the sink, and let you teach me […]

Fall is almost here? Where did summer go?

We had a fantastic summer.  I was so busy with the boys.  Last summer, it was difficult for me, having a new baby and a toddler, but this summer, we made the most of it!


We went on lots of playdates! Nicholas had gymnastics class at Bounce for 10 weeks! Christopher learned to […]

Happy Father’s Day!

To my wonderful hubby, Nick!  We all love you SO much!!

All about CMK ~ Catch Up Post #4

Hmm…it’s been a while since I blogged about ME.  Let’s see…where to start?

My photography business is doing SO well and I’m SO thankful for all of my supportive friends, family, neighbors, and clients.  Most of my business has come from word of mouth and referrals, and for that I’m so grateful.

I’ve got […]