Andrew Grant has arrived!

On Wednesday, September 21st at 3:05am, I woke up to a contraction, but it wasn’t the normal ‘wake me up’ contractions I’d been feeling for weeks.  This was different.  I waited a few minutes to see if another came…and it did.  And another.  At a regular 4-5 minute intervals…this could be it!

My sister […]

33 weeks, maternity & family photos!

If you’re a friend of mine on facebook, you’ve likely already seen these photos, but I know that not everyone is on there.  These photos were done by my friend, and fellow photographer, Cynthia Craine of Cynthia Craine Photography.

I have seven weeks to go as of today, and I […]

Impromptu photo session | PJs on Superbowl Sunday

When the boys ask to take pictures in my studio, I rarely turn them down.  It’s so much easier to take photos of them when it’s THEIR idea!

Anyway…today’s Superbowl Sunday so we’ve had a very relaxing day at home, in our PJs all day.

First up, Nicholas, followed by Christopher.


12 in 2011 | Number One | Photos for ME

I decided that I would try doing a project this year. Many photographers do a project 365, where they take and post one personal picture a day…but with all of our therapy appointments and other things going on (more on those later), I decided to do a Project 12 – one personal picture a […]

O Christmas Tree!

Just wanted to share the pic I took of our tree a few weeks back!

OUR Family’s Photos!

I contacted my friend, Kristi Adams (of Remember When Photography by Kristi) to see if she’d be willing to take some family photos for us.  She came over last Friday morning and here are the results from our ‘mini-session.’  It’s important to note that Kristi took the photos, and I did the editing.

I’m […]

Happy Father’s Day!

To my wonderful hubby, Nick!  We all love you SO much!!

All about CMK ~ Catch Up Post #4

Hmm…it’s been a while since I blogged about ME.  Let’s see…where to start?

My photography business is doing SO well and I’m SO thankful for all of my supportive friends, family, neighbors, and clients.  Most of my business has come from word of mouth and referrals, and for that I’m so grateful.

I’ve got […]

About our Girls ~ Catch Up Post #3

Hmm…let’s see.  Today it has been 3 years, 9 months, and 6 days since we said goodbye to our girls.

Some days it seems like just yesterday.  Other times it seems like so long ago.

And then, you have a dose of reality when you realize you’re taking pics of their headstone instead of […]

All About CJK ~ Catch Up Post #2

OK, got caught up on Nicholas.  Now I’ve got to tell you all about our sweet baby, Christopher.

First, Oh my gosh.  Where has the time gone?

My little baby is a toddler. He’s walking. I’m so proud of him but so sad too.

He started walking, full-time, by choice, the first week of […]