A trip to the Toledo Zoo!

Well, I promised updates, as well as photos, so…here’s the first, though unfortunately, it’s out of order!

Last Tuesday, I met up with my friend Michelle, and her daughter, Caitlyn (who shares a birthday with Nicholas) at the Toledo Zoo.     She lives in Cleveland and drove ALL the way to Toledo to […]

The countdown has begun! Finally going to catch up!

So many things have happened over the last 5 years.  Nick and I got married, lost our girls, and have had two beautiful boys.  There’s SO much to be thankful for, and yet…I don’t really seem like it, do I?

This blog used to be a way for me to document my feelings about […]

My baby boy is a year old!

I can’t believe it – a year has gone by already since we first met Christopher.

He’s SUCH a happy little guy!  Here’s a pic of us from his birthday party – more pictures (and updates) to come very soon!

A couple of snaps from a playdate!

We went to my friend Heather’s house last week for a playdate with her children as well as our other friends, Corinne & Sandy and their children.

Christopher LOVED the doorwall, and Nicholas was FASCINATED with the Candyland table & chairs.

Check out my photography blog for a few pics of the others… http://blog.twoangelsphotography.com


New pictures of the boys!

Here are a couple of shots I took yesterday with my new (to me) lens!  Aren’t they some of the most beautiful kids you’ve ever seen?

Last day of January? CJK is 10 months old??


I’ve been SO busy with Two Angels Photography that I haven’t written a post for several weeks.

Christopher is now TEN months old.  I can’t believe it.  Time has flown by SO quickly with him.  Some of the new things he’s doing?  Harmonizing…sleeping longer at night (FINALLY) and taking better naps (for now) […]

2009 Revisited...and what's on tap for 2010

The rules: Post the first sentence of the first blog entry for every month of 2009. My comments are after each one! January: Mmm, best tasting ‘medicine’ I’ve ever had! So…I’m sitting here ENJOYING my first glass of wine in a VERY long time.  Remember, I was still nursing Nicholas when I got pg with […]

Christopher’s 9 months old!

I can hardly believe that my BABY is already 9 months old.  Phew, time flies!  Especially when you have two at home!

He's doing SO many things.  As of late, he's especially clingy to me – some stranger anxiety but mostly a momma's boy.  He LOVES to cruise around the furniture, and gets stuck […]

My handsome boys – collage {Two Angels Photography}

Just a collage I did of my boys – aren't they SO handsome?

Here’s a new pic of my boys! Short update

It's been difficult for me to get a picture of the two of them together – Nicholas won't sit still and if he does, I get no eye contact.  Christopher's REALLY on the move – so it's hard to get him to stay in one spot too!

Let's see…what's been going on around here?