Life with boys. And ASD. And being a WAHM.

So…I said I’d be updating my blog – and I’ve obviously NOT gotten around to that.  It’s almost March and it’s only my second post of the year.  I think I know why.

I have three boys under 4.

I am running a successful photography biz.

I am feeding another human being.

I have […]

And I’ve now reached ‘normalcy’…for a high-risk pregnancy

I’m 29w2d pregnant today, and this pregnancy has DEFINITELY taken its toll on me, physically and emotionally.  Maybe that ‘Advanced Maternal Age’ on my file isn’t all bad.

Having 90F+ temps and high humidity makes people a bit grouchy.  And if you’re pregnant, in this weather…then you’re probably grouchier than Walter Matthau in “Grumpy […]

Please support us! FAAN Walk for Food Allergy 2009, Metro Detroit

On Saturday, Nick, Nicholas, Christopher, my sister, and I will be walking in the Metro Detroit Walk for Food Allergy at Kensington Metro Park.

Please, if you can, visit our Team K page and make a contribution, big or small.  Anything you can share will help.

I'll post pics soon of our special shirts […]

Induction Scheduled!

So I heard back from Barb, the Nurse Practitioner at the MFM clinic and…if BBK#2 does NOT make his appearance before Sunday, then I will be induced!

This is SUCH a relief to me.  I really can't explain – like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

IF I don't go into […]

Something new for me…helping me to heal…

Well, my first appt with the Perinatal Mood Disorders Team (PMDT) was today.  I think it went VERY well.  First I had to fill out some survey questions that they use for tracking your progress, and then I spent over 2.5 hours with the psychiatrist. 

Honestly, I was shocked that he spent that […]