Time flies and other sayings

There’s been so many things happening in our lives…it’s actually pretty amazing to think about all that’s happening!

It feels like yesterday that CJK started preschool, and yesterday was his last official day of class. He was a bit sad about it, compounded with the awful carpet that did a number on his knee […]

Day 3 of 40 days of reflection.

Somehow, my life has taken a different turn.  It’s rather like an amusement park ride full of twists and turns, than the peaceful, winding road that I had envisioned I’d be on.

Of course, that roller coaster ride began back in 2006.  The beginning of our pregnancy with the girls wasn’t an easy one.  […]

Six months old.

So as I sit here, I am dumbfounded.  How in the world is AGK six months old?  Half a year has passed since we met him after 31 glorious hours of labor?  Sometimes, it seems like it’s been that long, especially a day like today, where I was up 3x from 12midnight to 7am, […]

Andrew Grant has arrived!

On Wednesday, September 21st at 3:05am, I woke up to a contraction, but it wasn’t the normal ‘wake me up’ contractions I’d been feeling for weeks.  This was different.  I waited a few minutes to see if another came…and it did.  And another.  At a regular 4-5 minute intervals…this could be it!

My sister […]

33 weeks, maternity & family photos!

If you’re a friend of mine on facebook, you’ve likely already seen these photos, but I know that not everyone is on there.  These photos were done by my friend, and fellow photographer, Cynthia Craine of Cynthia Craine Photography. http://www.cynthiacrainephotography.com

I have seven weeks to go as of today, and I […]

OUR Family’s Photos!

I contacted my friend, Kristi Adams (of Remember When Photography by Kristi) to see if she’d be willing to take some family photos for us.  She came over last Friday morning and here are the results from our ‘mini-session.’  It’s important to note that Kristi took the photos, and I did the editing.

I’m […]

Happy Father’s Day!

To my wonderful hubby, Nick!  We all love you SO much!!

Still here…still catching up!

We’ve been SO busy!  LAPOM’s Spring Fling was last Saturday, and my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary was last Wednesday with the luncheon for them on Sunday.

I PROMISE that I’ll have some new pictures to share ASAP…in fact, there’s going to be SO many, that I’ll likely post links to my Flickr photo sets!


The countdown has begun! Finally going to catch up!

So many things have happened over the last 5 years.  Nick and I got married, lost our girls, and have had two beautiful boys.  There’s SO much to be thankful for, and yet…I don’t really seem like it, do I?

This blog used to be a way for me to document my feelings about […]

2009 Revisited...and what's on tap for 2010

The rules: Post the first sentence of the first blog entry for every month of 2009. My comments are after each one! January: Mmm, best tasting ‘medicine’ I’ve ever had! So…I’m sitting here ENJOYING my first glass of wine in a VERY long time.  Remember, I was still nursing Nicholas when I got pg with […]