Long over due updates; #4: CJK Update!

Check back here tomorrow – we have his 4mo well baby visit in the AM!  Here's a teaser photo for the meantime:  


UPDATE!  We had his well-baby visit this morning (thank you Monica for coming down and watching Nicholas so I only had to take in one child…) and Christopher is SO […]

Long over due updates; #3: NBK Update

Working on it!  More to come soon!

FINALLY!  It's Wednesday at 11pm and I SHOULD be in bed but…I felt the need to post this to share with my friends (especially Nicholas' Godmother, Rita).

Nicholas is on the fast track to the terrible two's.  He's only a month away from turning 2, and […]

NBK loves his puzzles!

So, my boy LOVES to do puzzles!  We started with just a few, and now have at least 6 that he can complete in less than two minutes time.  Now we're wondering what is the next step?  More pieces, or try a jigsaw puzzle?

Anyway…here's another video of him…this time doing his number puzzle.


NBK playing with Daddy…I LOVE that laugh!

This video is from last month…the tool bench is from Nicholas' Uncle Frank, Aunt Pam, and cousins Derek & Ashley.

One of the things I love MOST about Nicholas is that he has such a GREAT sense of humor, even at such a young age!


Nicholas does a puzzle (& some other recent accomplishments)!

Nicholas does a puzzle!Originally uploaded by Christina K. in MI

I'm such a proud momma! Yesterday, Nicholas was playing with Daddy and he did two puzzles…putting all the pieces in the right spot (he may not fit them EXACTLY in the right spot but close enough!)

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Musings about my birthday and Merry Christmas!

So, Tuesday I turned 33 years old.  It's really hard for me to believe, since I don't always feel 33.  Notice I said "don't always" b/c certainly, some days I feel OLDER than 33.  Especially being pregnant with a toddler and it's winter.  My sense of balance is SO off!

Of course, Mother Nature […]

I’m thankful for…Nicholas’ laugh!

So, tonight I was getting a package together to send to a friend in Maryland.  Nick was helping me wrap it, and for some reason, Nicholas that it was SO funny, so I grabbed the video camera.

WARNING: his laugh IS contagious!

He has SUCH a funny sense of humor!



Nicholas’ first time in the snow!

Wowie!  Yesterday, when we were at my appt at UM, it started snowing.  And it didn't stop until after we got home.  Then it started again.  Then it stopped.  Then it started overnight.

We have SO much snow here.  Brighton even closed the schools […]

Another video of Nicholas!

Here's a cute video I took today – Nicholas is showing off his skills!


A historical day; a historical moment!

Yesterday, history was made in the US.  Barack Obama defeated John McCain to be the first African-American President-Elect of the United States. 

Now, I don't know if it's my pregnancy hormones or what, but I'm SUPER emotional over this.

This man has inspired so many.  You hear so many things about great speakers […]