Our Rainbow Baby is ONE…

and I can hardly believe it!

We made it through BF’ng issues, me having PPD, going back to work and putting Nicholas in daycare even though I didn’t want to, RSV, Croup, and pumping.  That in itself, is a huge accomplishment.

We made it to one year – a HUGE milestone for BF’ng, especially […]

We’re back!

We’re home!  We arrived home from Maui yesterday afternoon.  Traffic getting home wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, thanks to us avoiding I-275N and Pfizer being closed in AA – US-23 will never be the same, now.

We had a wonderful time and Nicholas is such a good little traveler!

When […]

Update on Nicholas…and sharing a cool site!

So, Nicholas had a followup appt with Dr. Gessner today and…she said he’s doing MUCH better!  He was back up in weight, all the way to 16lbs, 4.3oz!  So there’s proof that his appetite has returned (that and Mommy’s circles under her eyes).

My co-worker Ken is in FL this week, so I am […]

Just some random thoughts!

Just when you think you’ve got a routine down…then life throws you a curveball! 

This is my 3rd week back to work…we’re doing much better than we were the first week, but Mommy is still getting used to having to get to bed by 10pm so she can be up at 5:15am to […]

Mommy’s return to work, Nicholas’ first days at TBP…and more!

WOW!  The old cliche really holds true!  Time really DOES fly when you’re having fun!

So much has happened since the baptism!  We celebrated Nicholas’ first New Year’s Eve with a trip to Mike & Kim’s and had dinner with Mike, Kim, Bonnie, Libby, & Mazie.  Kim was gracious enough to cook […]