Our ‘new’ van…

So, yesterday we picked up our 'new' pre-owned 2006 Chrysler Town & Country Limited.  It's SO nice, that I feel like I'm driving my parent's car again! ;o)

Our third anniversary is today and the 'traditional' gift is something made of Leather.  I joked to Nick that the van can be my gift since it has leather seats!

I can't believe how much easier it is to get Nicholas in and out, and also, the stroller and everything in and out. 

I never pictured myself as a van driver but I love it!

Here are some pictures!  Enjoy!


3 comments to Our ‘new’ van…

  • Very nice! You’ll LOVE the functionality of the van! : )

  • Kristi

    You got it!!! Great! Yeah, you will for sure love how easy it will be to get Nicholas in & out and all your stuff in the back, etc. Welcome to the world of being a mini-van mom. Soon you'll be a soccer mom and you can fit both your boys and all their friends in it too. LOL

  • Rita

    Look at all the junk you can stuff into it a million and one ways! Yes, minivans are seriously just too functional to pass up. Congratulations!

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