Our Rainbow Baby is ONE…

and I can hardly believe it!

We made it through BF’ng issues, me having PPD, going back to work and putting Nicholas in daycare even though I didn’t want to, RSV, Croup, and pumping.  That in itself, is a huge accomplishment.

We made it to one year – a HUGE milestone for BF’ng, especially when pregnant.  Your supply REALLY takes a hit when you’re pg.  So…even though we only nurse once a day, we still have our session.

I’m not 100% sure of his stats, but Nicholas weighed 22lbs at his last visit and was 30" long or so.

We have our next peds visit on 09/26 and he goes to see the allergist again on 09/25.

Today – we got a wonderful package in the mail from Nicholas’ Godmother, my best friend Rita.  It was a card and three cds that she made of special music chosen just for Nicholas and us.  It was so thoughtful and it actually made me cry when I opened it.  So thank you, Rita, for being here with us in spirit while you’re down in the "Palmetto State".

A year ago we were in the hospital and I can hardly believe it.  A year ago I actually held a living, breathing baby in my arms and I can hardly believe it.

Our son has lived for an ENTIRE year – 365 days.  We are SO proud of him and his accomplishments and we look forward to many, many, many more years.

We love you, Nicholas.

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  • Rita

    I can tell that you are looking at Nicholas’ milestones and especially his first birthday differently than most parents would. After losing the girls, you look at things with so much more of a grateful heart. So often it’s easy to overlook exactly what being one year old means. It’s 365 precious, not to be taken for granted, days with Nicholas. It’s getting through tough parenting moments with a slightly different focus. It’s getting through another 365 days of remembrance of your older children as you see Nicholas change and grow. I sincerely hope people will try to understand in whatever way they can why parenting may feel differently to you…why some joyous moments may be spent with a quiet pause and an added tear or two, why lower times may feel more heavily weighted for you, and why you may appear to be overly exasperated by a milestone that to others seems so small. Nicholas doesn’t replace the space in your hearts after losing your daughters. But the joy in watching him grow will be more sweet, more plentiful, and this overflows to the world around you.
    Happy Birthday Nicholas, and Congratulations to Christina and Nick. I love you all!

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