Surprise! Expecting #4

So…Nick and I brought home a souvenir from Maui!  We weren’t expecting that to happen, but…we’re very happy now that we’re over the initial shock!

I’ve started to give Nicholas formula now (I’m sad about that) b/c pregnancy can REALLY affect your supply when you’re nursing, so…he gets one bottle of formula a day, at night, but lately we’ve been mixing it with whole milk.

Yesterday marked 2 years since we lost Gabriella so we’ve been laying low this week, taking time to ourselves as needed.

I’m hoping that this baby is a girl, so I can decorate the guest bedroom in pinks and reds!  If this one is a boy, then Nicholas will get the other room and we’ll put the baby in the nursery.

Here is a pic of Baby K #4, or Nicholas’ little brother or sister.  We are due in March, 2009:

2 comments to Surprise! Expecting #4

  • Congratulations! What exciting news and what an exciting place to have conceived!!

  • Congratulations! That is awesome news! Just thinking of what you had said about seeing those fawns in twos and I even more so now I believe it was the girls telling you that everything is going to be okay. Prayers are already being said for Baby K!

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