Is it August already?

So…July has come and gone!  I can hardly believe that Nicholas turns one next month!

He’s definitely not a ‘baby’ anymore!  He’s crawling all over the house and loves to pull to standing!  He just recently ‘discovered’ the sliding glass door and loves to stand and bang on the glass!

He’s also very intrigued by the dog toys and loves to try to crawl to get to the rawhide; which, luckily, I’ve kept away from him so far! 

He LOVES to play with Gracie!  She brings him her toys and they play together!  It’s so funny to watch him hang on for dear life while she ‘drags’ him.  Poor boy is going to have rug burn EVERYWHERE!  He’s already got it on his knees from crawling!

I just experimented with a cake mix I found from Meijer that is ‘allergen free’ and it tasted ‘ok’.  The texture was a bit ‘different’ but to be expected since there weren’t any eggs in it.  I’m going to try to find the same brand in a yellow variety to see if that one is ok.  If so, I’ll make a small layer cake for Nicholas’ birthday party.

What else is new?  This month marks 2 years since our world was turned upside down and we lost the girls.  Our ‘difficult days’ start on the 16th…they are:

  • August 16th, when I suffered my pPROM (Angelina’s sac ruptured)
  • August 18th, when she passed away in utero
  • August 20th, when I delivered her
  • August 21st, when I delivered Gabriella
  • August 25th, when we had their funeral

We’re still not sure *what* we’ll be doing to mark their ‘special’ days but I’m sure we’ll come up with something.  As always, the ‘anticipation’ of the days is usually the worst part.

I’ll try to post some more videos of Nicholas soon, and I haven’t forgotten about the pics from Maui.  I’ve just been very busy getting him back on his Michigan schedule and chasing him around the house!

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