He’s on the move!

July 2008 is Nicholas’ month!  He’s accomplished SO much already, and there’s still a week to go!

He’s now crawling ALL over the house, and pulling to a stand on EVERYTHING, including Gracie’s crate and our big screen tv.

He LOVES to try to get the dog toys, and it’s almost like there is an EXTRA incentive to get them!

So in short, he’s accomplished the following/reached these milestones in July 2008:

  • TWO Teeth!  Bottom two middle!
  • Tummy to sitting in crib
  • Pulling to standing in crib
  • Crawling (not army crawling – real crawling)
  • Cruising around his toys, especially his Leap Frog table that we got from Sara (thank you Sara!)
  • Saying: Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Ka, Na-Na, and other various babbles
  • Likes to feed himself goldfish crackers and cheerios!  Oh, and he LOVES to feed Gracie & Chloe!
  • Laughs at the dogs, constantly!  They’re his amusement!

I’ll post a video as soon as I get it uploaded, and…I’ll also post pics of our trip, as soon as I can.  We’ve been a bit busy, as you can imagine!

I’m headed to BRU (Babies ‘R Us) tomorrow to get Baby Proofing supplies!

ETA: here’s the video, as promised!
Now, he’s fussing a bit and it’s b/c he was starting to get tired, but…b/c he wanted his binky SO bad, we got him to crawl on camera.  I’m sure they’ll be other instances but this was the FIRST time we caught it on camera!  

1 comment to He’s on the move!

  • Stephanie

    You just wait… everything is just going to be a blur from this point forward. The next thing you know he will have a mouth full of teeth, be talking back and running away from you! And then, kindergarten! But, you will get to enjoy every minute since you are home now. Enjoy as I know you will! Love and miss you! We seriously need to hook up again before the snow flies! Can’t wait to see pics from Hawaii – I assume you all had a great time.

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