Top 10 Signs that you’re a parent of a child with food allergies…

This was shared by a friend of mine from Scotland…interesting how it doesn't matter *which* side of the pond you are…food allergies are the same no matter what.

So this is for all my friends that have kiddos with food allergies…and for the ones without, so that they can see what we have to think about round the clock.

I think #6, #5, and #1 are my favorites.  #1 for sure!

10. You pack your toaster when you go on vacation.

9. The dog starts scratching and your four year old asks if "she's had a change in her diet recently."

8. You secretly wonder if Mr. Peanut is the spawn of Satan.

7. You bring a folder of research with you when you go out to eat.

6. Your child thinks that every birthday party is BYOCC:  Bring Your Own Cup Cake.

5. You are relieved to find out that the mysterious object your toddler put in his mouth at the park was only a rock.

4. You can read a food label and actually  KNOW what those 15 letter words mean.

3. You have to have friends who eat "normal" food taste anything that you bake b/c it all tastes great to you now.

2. You know what xanthum gum is, and you're not afraid to use it.

1. It's actually LESS stressful to volunteer to make holiday dinners than go to someone else's house.

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