Long over due updates; #4: CJK Update!

Check back here tomorrow – we have his 4mo well baby visit in the AM!  Here's a teaser photo for the meantime:


UPDATE!  We had his well-baby visit this morning (thank you Monica for coming down and watching Nicholas so I only had to take in one child…) and Christopher is SO big!!!

He's 18lbs, 2oz!  And he's 27" long.  He's at the 90th percentile or higher for everything!  Keep in mind that Nicholas is only 33" tall and is 26lbs.  And he'll be TWO in a month!

The pedi was VERY impressed with his gross motor skills (rolling from tummy to back, pushing up, spinning in circles – both on his belly and his back) and said his fine motor skills were just fine.

We have a referral to see a pediatric orthopedist about his right foot – he has something called Metatarsus Adductus, which is where the bones in the foot turn in – aka, "crooked foot".  She didn't think it was too big of a problem but you do notice it more when he's bearing his weight/standing up.  So we'll see what the orthopedist says.

I'm a bit behind in my photos/videos, so once I finish getting them uploaded, I'll share them.  In the meantime, here's another teaser – not too shabby, eh?

CJK crop color 

My approach with Christopher is SO different than it was with Nicholas.  He's put himself on a sort of 'routine' so we just go with the flow.  I guess you could say I am sort of into 'attachment parenting' now (click on link for more info: Attachment Parenting by Dr. Sears)

I also am continuing to cloth diaper with Christopher (they're SO easy to use and SO economical – how could I NOT?)  Most of the time, though, I don't have to worry about changing poopy diapers.  Why, you ask?  Well, because Christopher also goes pee & poop on the potty.  Yes, I did say that my 4.5mos old goes on the potty.  It started as a kind of joke, b/c he'd poop right before bed every night, and I didn't want him to dirty his clean, nighttime diaper or poop in the tub, so I sat him on the potty and he pooped.  Well, then he did it the next time.  So in the last month or so, I've only had to change a handful of poopy diapers!  He'll also pee on the potty too.  It's not really a common practice in the US, but in other countries, where disposable diapers are not the norm, it's quite common.

And, of course I'm still breastfeeding.  A lot of people have suggested that I start him on food (tried some cereal last week out of desperation and he spit it out) and that I should give him formula so he'll go back to sleeping through the night (STTN) but why would I do that, when my body is made to make what he needs?  And if I'm having to get up at night, well, then, he's doing what ALL breastfed babies do…increasing my supply.  It's simple economics – the supply/demand relationship.  If the demand increases, then the supply increases…so I'll keep getting up with him (though it's MUCH easier now that I have him in our bed most nights).

Anyway…I've got to run, so more updates will be seen here shortly!

Edited to Add (ETA): Video from our trip to Cincy – he's quite a little talker!

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