Tomorrow will mark eight weeks of joy…

with our sweet, sweet Christopher.  He is SUCH a good baby, though he DEFINITELY is DIFFERENT than Nicholas.  For example, if he needs a diaper change, you'll know.  If he's hungry, you'll know.  If he's tired, you'll know.  He's DEFINITELY more verbal than Nicholas was.  Nick says that he's taking after me already.  *insert eye roll here, please.*

Let's see…what can I say about our beautiful boy?  He's a GREAT sleeper!  He *usually* takes a long nap in the afternoon, like his brother, and also sleeps well at night.  I'm SO thankful for that.  Nicholas didn't sleep this well until he was almost 4 months old!

He's a great eater, as evidenced by his size!  So yes, breastfeeding is going very well.  It's so much easier the second time around, especially when you have a baby that knows how to latch properly!

When I put him in disposable diapers, he's wearing size 3s.  To give you a comparison, Nicholas is still in size 4s.  He weighs 13lbs, 8oz.  I don't know how long he is but he's wearing 6mos clothes at only 2mos old.  Nicholas is 24lbs, 8oz.  So Christopher is a mere 11lbs away from weighing the same as his older brother!

My friend Kristi Adams, who took my maternity pictures, wanted to do something special for us.  Her gift to us was a photo session with Christopher.  We had wanted to do it when he was just a newborn, but our schedules never did mesh well enough for that.  So we FINALLY got a chance to do them yesterday, and I'm SO pleased.   She has SUCH an eye for things.  Please visit her blog to see more of her work: Remember When Photography Blog.

Here are some of the pictures that she's shared with me so far.  We had hoped to get some shots with Nicholas but between cutting his canines and it being close to nap time, there wasn't much luck for that.  Next time!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, his eyes *appear* to be blue, at least for the moment, and yes, he's wearing his FuzziBunz cloth diapers.

Blue eyed boy
CJK Sleep CJK Yawn CJK&Mommy's eyes

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  • Such beautiful pictures!! Good to run into you this week, we should try to get together FINALLY before I go back to work full time :-)

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