Still here…still catching up!

We’ve been SO busy!  LAPOM’s Spring Fling was last Saturday, and my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary was last Wednesday with the luncheon for them on Sunday.

I PROMISE that I’ll have some new pictures to share ASAP…in fact, there’s going to be SO many, that I’ll likely post links to my Flickr photo sets!

For now, just one!  While my brother was here visiting, we went up to MSU and walked around the 4-H Children’s Garden where the girls’ brick lies, as well as the greenhouses.  We were SO happy to find that they have another Butterfly House!  Shortly after I graduated (mind you, 12 years ago), they took out the Butterfly House that was located behind Old Horticulture.  The *new* (to us) Butterfly House is now in the greenhouses behind Plant & Soil Sciences…by the Horticultural Demonstration Gardens…and look what happened while we were inside…a butterfly landed on my hand and I took a pic holding my camera with the other hand… what and AMAZING moment!

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