Our trip to Holland (MI, that is!) Annual Tulip Time Festival

Today, we all piled into the van (Nick took the day off) and we went to Holland, MI for the Tulip Time Festival.  Nicholas was EXTREMELY excited as he adores flowers.  He kept talking about “I need to go see the tulips.”  It was very cute, how excited he was!

Anyway, when we first arrived it was pretty yucky outside…it started to rain just as we started unloading stuff from the van, and he had to hoof it to De Zwaan to take refuge inside.  Nicholas wanted to go upstairs in the windmill, so we took a bit of a tour…not all the way up, but we made it to level 4.  Not bad for a 2.5 year old!

Christopher was just chilling out in the stroller or with Daddy most of the day.  I am SO blessed to have such good boys.  Nicholas did really well listening, most of the time.  Remember, he is just 2.5 years old.

Nicholas’ favorite parts of the day were the tulips, of course, climbing the stairs in the windmill, and riding the horse on the 100-year old Merry-Go-Round.

Christopher’s favorite parts of the day were the drive there (he napped), lunch, and watching his brother go nuts over the flowers!

Here are some of my favorite pics for our trip.  The rest can be found in my Flickr Photostream.  If you can’t view them, make sure you add me as a contact!

Not the best but they’re looking towards the camera!

I LOVE this one!

My happy, always smiling little guy!

Notice his tongue?

Taken with my “point and shoot” camera:

These two tulips were leaning towards each other and touching.  I immediately thought of our girls.

And last but not least, De Zwaan:

2 comments to Our trip to Holland (MI, that is!) Annual Tulip Time Festival

  • Sara

    Beautiful pics Christina! The boys are getting so big. I love the one of the boys together sitting in the tulips!

  • The pictures all turned out so nice. The colors are really vivid. Glad you had a fun time for a day-trip like that!

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