All About NBK ~ Catch Up post #1

I know, I know, I know.  It seems, from the looks of my posting frequency, that I’m a bad mom, but the truth is…I’m a BETTER mom for NOT posting as much.  Why?  Because it means that I’m outside with my boys, taking a walk, or running errands, or at a playground.

Anyway…some people have been asking me for updates, so here goes.

Nicholas is Mister Smarty Pants.  I swear, he’s going to do something in Engineering or Science.  He’s obsessed with letters and numbers (has been for a while).  Nick and I have been working with him on counting and other things (like spelling) and he can count up to 100! Sometimes he needs a bit of help/prodding but most of it is all him.

He can also spell:
his entire name
Paper (my dad taught him that one! *giggle* )

And he can sing:
London Bridge
Hush Little Baby
Take me out to the Ballgame
The Ants go Marching
Happy Birthday
Twinkle Twinkle
Row Row Row your boat
Itsy Bitsy Spider
ABC song

and various other songs that we have on our CDs in the car that we play.  And he’s made up some  songs too.

Oh, how I’m in love with that child. *emo*

He’s about 3ft tall, maybe a little more, and weighs around 30lbs.

His favorite foods right now are McDonald’s chicken nuggets, peanut butter blueberries, strawberries, tater tots, steak fries from Red Robin, pasta with butter and cheese (but not farfalle pasta – he doesn’t like ‘eating’ the butterflies) and yogurt.  He also has a HUGE love of Nutella.  Nick always says that he gets that from me.

He LOVES to eat things upside down, and surprised me yesterday by eating a sandwich with the bread still together (he usually likes them ‘open faced’)

He loves to climb and we’ve got him enrolled in a 10-week gymnastics course at Bounce in Hartland starting in June.

Here he is eating a yummy egg-free chocolate cake that we got from Bach Bakery in Brighton.

And here he is on our deck:

And here he is at the park the other day:

2 comments to All About NBK ~ Catch Up Post #1

  • Pasta looks like butterflies! That’s funny! True too!

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE the picture of him at the park with the hat backwards! He looks like a little boy – not a toddler anymore! They grow so FAST! I looked at Evan the other day and got a little sad because he is so not my baby anymore! :-(

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