All About CJK ~ Catch Up Post #2

OK, got caught up on Nicholas.  Now I’ve got to tell you all about our sweet baby, Christopher.

First, Oh my gosh.  Where has the time gone?

My little baby is a toddler. He’s walking. I’m so proud of him but so sad too.

He started walking, full-time, by choice, the first week of May.  Prior to that, he’d been mostly cruising.  So it’s official.  We now have TWO toddlers.

He’s a BIG boy.  He’s wearing clothes that Nicholas can still fit into…about 32″ tall and about 24lbs, we think.  We’ll find out for sure in another month or so.

Thankfully, he hasn’t been diagnosed with any food allergies, but we’re still avoiding some things b/c we think he may have some intolerances.

He’s VERY different from Nicholas.  He doesn’t talk as much as Nicholas did at this age, but I think it’s b/c Nicholas talks enough for the both of them (wonder where he gets that from?)

He’s VERY sweet natured, but has a HORRIBLE temper.  He LOVES to throw tantrums, complete with fake tears and crying.

He’s VERY loving and loves to share.  He will share with EVERYONE, even the dogs.  I try to turn a blind eye to that, most days.

He LOVES bananas.  LOVES them.  I’m sure he’s a monkey.

Here’s some of his recent accomplishments:

  • Loves to try to eat with utensils
  • Has an obsession with the remote and the phone. It’s bad.  He will cry if we don’t let him have it (which is most of the time)
  • Loves to drink from straw cups, or any cup that Nicholas has.
  • Loves to open and close the screen door in our door wall.
  • Loves to turn on and off the TV and look to see if you’re looking. It’s so hard not to smile.
  • LOVES to drink milk.  LOVES it.  He gets SO excited when he sees a cup of milk.

Some of his ‘workds’:
eh (for everything)
puh-puh (puppy)
ba – brother
buh – bear
bih – binky
dah – diaper
Ah-Da – all done

Here he is at the playground the other day:

Here he is chowing on corn on the cob (one of his FAVORITES)

And here he is in my studio (notice the remote on the chair – he brought it down from upstairs)

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  • The remote obsession is funny. It’s amazing how two boys in the same household can be so completely different, huh? That’s how I feel about my boys too. Love all the updates. Now you can sign off for another month or two. LOL

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