Busy July so far!

We’ve been having so much fun this summer!

Nicholas and Christopher LOVE to go on field trips with me looking for scavenger hunt items.  Nicholas is SUCH a great helper – check out what he does (holds up the sign for my pics):

Nick took the week off after 4th of July to work on our deck – the boards are all new Trex boards that we found on CLEARANCE for 1/3 of the normal price!!!  So no more having to stain the deck every summer!

Christopher’s getting so big!  He’s insisting on trying to do EVERYTHING Nicholas does, so yesterday he ate his yogurt with a spoon by himself.  The end results were a tad bit messy, but it was fun to watch him, nonetheless.

And one of the BEST pics I’ve gotten this summer?  From when we were out on a scavenger hunt trip.  The boys have realized they can hold hands in the car.  This is PRICELESS.  SO happy I had my camera on me that day.

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