And I’ve now reached ‘normalcy’…for a high-risk pregnancy

I’m 29w2d pregnant today, and this pregnancy has DEFINITELY taken its toll on me, physically and emotionally.  Maybe that ‘Advanced Maternal Age’ on my file isn’t all bad.

Having 90F+ temps and high humidity makes people a bit grouchy.  And if you’re pregnant, in this weather…then you’re probably grouchier than Walter Matthau in “Grumpy Old Men”

My trip to UM today in the 90F+ heat took place in a well air-conditioned vehicle, with all of the vents blowing on me.  I had an ultrasound (u/s) to recheck baby’s growth and fluid levels, along with my cervical length, and then proceeded down to the clinic for my normal appointment.

Much to my surprise, my favorite doctor, Dr. VDV, was in clinic today!  So I had a fantastic appointment!  Some highlights:

  • Baby Boy K#3 is right on track with his growth, and is measuring about a week ahead (much like the boys did)
  • Fluid levels are NORMAL
  • My blood sugar levels are within acceptable ranges – meaning NO Gestational Diabetes (GD) for this momma!
  • My cervical length is the highest it’s ever been at this stage in a pregnancy
  • I have my cerclage removal date scheduled (the Friday before Labor Day – let the jokes begin)
  • I don’t have to go back to the office for another 4 weeks (FANTASTIC news for someone who has to go in every 2 weeks starting at 14w)

So…I have less than 11 weeks left to get the house in order, including washing all the baby clothes and cleaning/re-organizing the nursery closet.  The boys’ room needs to be straightened up, but the baby’s room is priority right now.

We have to decide when to have Nicholas’ birthday party…right now it’s tentatively scheduled for the day after his birthday…not sure if that’s a good idea or not.

I have to schedule a maternity photo session for myself (with a photographer friend) and get family photos done.

I have to inform my clients of whom they need to contact while I’m on my maternity leave – getting the details of this all worked out.

And finally…I need to enjoy these last 11 weeks as they may be my last 11 weeks of pregnancy that I’ll get to experience.

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