Life with boys. And ASD. And being a WAHM.

So…I said I’d be updating my blog – and I’ve obviously NOT gotten around to that.  It’s almost March and it’s only my second post of the year.  I think I know why.

I have three boys under 4.

I am running a successful photography biz.

I am feeding another human being.

I have a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I am a mother.

I am a wife.

I am a woman.

So, let’s start with the first one.  Having three boys under 3.  If that was ALL I was doing – I think it’d be ok.  I think I’d be able to handle it all.  But alas, it is NOT all that I’m doing.  See the next one.

Two Angels Photography ( is getting busier and busier, thanks to my friends, family, and clients that have helped me to grow my business to where it is today.  I’m so very pleased to say that I’m booked all the way to June 2012!

I’m feeding another human being – and this time, it’s been a) easier b) interesting c) trickier.  It’s easier because I know what to do – I’ve nursed my two other boys and so I knew what to expect.  It’s interesting because I appreciate the bond I have with him so much more than I did with the older boys.  And it’s trickier because it seems like he may have a food allergy (or two) and so I’m experimenting with eating/avoiding certain foods to see what he may or may not react to.

Nicholas was diagnosed with Autism last May, and there’s been so many things that we’ve implemented in our family since then.  We use social stories, picture schedules, charts, rewards, incentives, and all different other things.  We do therapy almost daily – whether it’s sensory type stuff or fine-motor skill development.  We have a special gymnastics class that he attends on Wednesdays, and then he goes to OT (Occupational Therapy) once a week on Fridays.  He gets Speech & OT through school once per week as well.  He attends preschool and is doing very well.  Though we haven’t had him evaluated, we believe his reading to be around a 2nd grade skill level.

While I wouldn’t change my life for a second, I often wonder what life would have been like had I not created my photography business, or if we hadn’t decided to have Andrew.  It’s an interesting thing…this wonder, awe, appreciation of what we have.  We know that we are extremely blessed and would not change it for a second, but who doesn’t wonder if the life they are living is the life they were meant to have?

Nick and I try to get out for date nights at least once a month, and we usually try to go to dinner.   Sometimes we bring Andrew, and sometimes we don’t.  A lot of times, our ‘date night’ involves some sort of household chore, like going grocery shopping.  Interesting how THAT somehow turns into something FUN after you have kids.

In late November, I joined a referral team for my business.  I met a wonderful trainer through the group, and have enlisted his services to help me get back on track to a healthier me.  I’m training with him on Fridays with my friend Courtney (who has recently gone through a transformation herself) and I’m also doing yoga 2x a week right now and I’m hoping to add in a third class.

I forgot how much I LOVE yoga.  I find it to be challenging, physically, and mentally as well.  Sometimes, my brain can be pretty difficult to ‘shut down’ if you will and take a moment for myself, and yoga really helps me with that.

So that’s all for now…I’m hoping to post some photos soon.

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  • Kristi

    I am sooooo happy to see you post!!! Keep it up. Quick posts here and there. One picture….how about that picture of the 3 boys you just took….slap it on here with a couple quick sentences. Nothing fancy or overly time consuming. Your family blog & memories are just as important (ok, more important) than creating memories for other people through pictures. These are YOUR memories. Keep blogging….and then holler when you are ready to print a book of it and I’ll help!

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