Baby Sam…and how he touched my life.

About three months ago, I was contacted by a couple who had received some news at their ‘big’ ultrasound about their baby.  Not only was he a boy, but he appeared to have several conditions that the doctors deemed ‘incompatible with life’.

Rather than do what the medical team suggested, which was to terminate the pregnancy, Kaila & Jamey decided to honor Sam and his life, no matter how short it may be.  They continued on with the pregnancy, and contacted me about doing photos of him, and possible maternity photos.

The last three months has changed my life.  Sometimes, living life as a busy mom of three boys on earth, and running a business, being a wife – I forgot just how blessed I am.

Losing the girls was monumental; before having them, Nick and I were a bit aloof.  Things came easy to us, and understandably, we weren’t as appreciative as we could have been (my opinion).  We didn’t have months to prepare for our loss.  I think that was for the better, for I don’t think I could have been as strong and faithful as Kaila & Jamey have been.

Every week, they’d go up to UM and have NSTs to check on Baby Sam’s status.  And every week, the medical personnel would remind them of how bleak the outlook was.  They didn’t focus on that.  They focused on the fact that he was living.  He was surpassing all odds.  He was proving the medical staff wrong.

On Sunday, April 29, they called me to tell me that Kaila had been admitted to the hospital.  I know that I wasn’t ready to meet baby Sam and say goodbye; I couldn’t imagine what Kaila & Jamey were feeling.  I arrived there around 10pm, and found Kaila to be in great spirits.  Her epidural was working well! 😉

Just a few hours later, Baby Sam arrived.  Defying the odds, he survived for a little under an hour.  His entire lifetime was spent in his parents’ arms.  At the memorial service I attended yesterday, their pastor said, “Baby Sam didn’t open his eyes.  Can you imagine, living your entire life, seeing only Jesus Christ?”  I’m sure that brought Kaila & Jamey comfort, as in that instance I was taken back to six and a half years ago, when we said goodbye to Angelina & Gabriella.  They lived their entire lives seeing only Jesus.

My heart breaks for Kaila & Jamey, but I know that God chose them to be Sam’s parents, just as He chose us to be the girls’ parents.  We don’t know what His plan entails, but I have come to realize that part of the plan was to bring me closer to Him, and allow me to provide this ‘ministry’, if you will.  I never asked Him to do this; it was His plan for me.

Everything happens for a reason.

 What kind of place would heaven be with all its streets of gold,

if all the souls, that dwell up there like yours and mine, were old?

How strange would heaven’s music sound when harps begin to ring,

if children were not gathered ‘round to help the angels sing.

The children that God sends to us are only just a loan,

He knows we need their sunshine to make the house a home.

We need the inspiration of a baby’s blessed smile.

He doesn’t say they’ve come to stay, just lends them for a while.

Sometimes it takes them years to do the work for which they come.

Sometimes in just a month or two our Father calls them home.

I like to think some souls up there bear not one sinful scar.

I love to think of heaven as a place where children are.

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  • Jennifer

    Thanks for all you do. I started following Baby Sam’s Story on FB. I cried when I saw you were heading up to the hospital (or had been there). I’ve been praying daily for mom and dad and the entire family. I cannot pretend to know what they or you have been through, but I can say, since I heard that you and Nicholas’ girls were not on earth, I’ve been thankful doubly for my kids. I will continue to pray for all, for all to see Gods plan when the time is right.

  • What an amazing story! So wonderful to hear the faith they have in Christ. Thru Christ all things are possible. We will pray for the family and their time to heal.

  • Kristi

    Beautiful post, Christina. And what wonderful words that the pastor shared of his little life too (only seeing Jesus).

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