Christina becomes Francesca…

You know that moment in your life, when you finally realize, “Oh my gosh!  I’ve become my mother!”   Well folks, it’s officially happened.  There were previous moments that have happened (mostly parenting related) where I thought to myself…”I sound a lot like my Mom right now” but I didn’t have my “Oprah a-ha moment” until today, when I was at Costco with Andrew and Christopher.

We were trying to ‘kill time’ while Nicholas was at his OT appointment, and I knew that I needed to get a few things that we prefer to get from Costco.   It happened to be ‘sample day’ and so the boys were in their glory.  Raspberries, blackberries, kefir smoothies, and even cookies (too bad I didn’t allow those).  From the looks of how they were seeking out the sample tables, you would think we hadn’t eaten lunch just 15 minutes prior to our arrival.

Fast forward to 5 minutes before checkout…Christopher is ‘advising’ me on what to get, where to go, etc.  You know the type of personality I’m talking about “persuasive”, “determined”, “strong-willed”.  As I’m trying to load the items onto the checkout lane, I tell him, “Christopher, can you be quiet?  If you be quiet for 3 minutes, I’ll give you another applesauce.”  And that’s when it hit me.

I have fond memories of my parents and I playing a game in the car, during road trips.  My dad would bet with me that I couldn’t be quiet for 3 minutes, or 5 minutes…and it never failed.  Just before the time was up, I’d talk, and lose the wager.  Of course, my dad (or mom) would coincidentally ask me a question at the T minus 30 seconds mark.

My mom always told me that “you just wait – you’ll be paid back” and you know…I’m being paid back.  Of course, only NOW do I regret those snotty witty comments that I would come back with when my mom asked me a question.  I didn’t realize that those would be held against me 25+ years later.

Parenting has been a journey that you think you can prepare yourself for…but it’s one of those roads that you have to learn how to drive while on it.  Often times, what works with one child won’t work with your 2nd or 3rd…or maybe it works with all 3.

Right now…I’m just glad that I have an amazing mom who just *might* have some advice for me…


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