Time flies and other sayings

There’s been so many things happening in our lives…it’s actually pretty amazing to think about all that’s happening!

It feels like yesterday that CJK started preschool, and yesterday was his last official day of class. He was a bit sad about it, compounded with the awful carpet that did a number on his knee when he tripped…well, to say the least, it wasn’t an easy day for him.

His field trip to the farm is tomorrow, and I plan on getting lots of photos to remember it. I might even be able to share a few…how about that?

AGK is officially 20 months, as of yesterday. I swear – this “time flies” thing really is true. One of the things I plan on doing this summer is documenting them in real life, not posed, if they’ll let me! One downfall of being a photographer’s child – you see a camera and want to pose!

AGKnhas been diagnosed with an expressive language delay; in other words, he comprehends almost everything but is not saying any words. I hope with therapy that will change. He gets so frustrated because he doesn’t talk. And sometimes, I do too.

NBK has less than two weeks of school left. I can’t believe it. Next year, he will be in all day kindergarten. How did my baby get to be so big? Now I know why my mom always calls me the baby. I always will be to her.

Speaking of my mom…we are having family photos taken this weekend. For the first time since I was 4!! We have had unofficial portraits done at my wedding, but never everyone! All 4 siblings, our families, and our parents! Should be fun! A huge thank you to my studio partner, Lorie, of LB Photography for taking the photos for us!

Which brings me to my big news! I now have a studio outside my home! Last fall, I realized that as the boys get older, it was becoming more tough on us to have the studio in our home. In February, I connected with Lorie, and we talked about sharing a space. We found the perfect space in Howell, and moved in at the end of March. Our grand opening was in April, and I absolutely LOVE having the space! I will be sure to share photos soon!

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